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GaN Revolution


The GaN Revolution is all about attaining higher efficiency, higher power density, lower system cost and new system design opportunit­ies. Transphorm’s high-voltage GaN FETs, for instance, are claimed to move power electronic­s beyond Silicon’s limitation­s. Gallium nitride power transistor­s are proving to be their disruptive technology of choice. Transphorm’s GaN FET, for instance, is claimed to switch up to 4x faster than silicon solutions. Further, unlike Si MOSFETs, the GaN transistor­s are inherently bi-directiona­l and optimised in a bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction design. The company’s third-generation platform is a good demonstrat­ion of how Gen III 650 V FETs offer the highest threshold voltage claims of (4 V) and gate robustness of (+- 20 V). Transphorm’s GaN is backed by an extensive lifetime, quality and reliabilit­y data.

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