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A cloud-connected platform has the Varroc Group bringing end-to-end solutions through Varroc Connect. The combinatio­n of hardware and clients-ide mobile app. allow the customers to take advantage of big data-driven utilities like predictive analysis. This according to Chief Executive Officer, Sagar Apte, will help the vehicle evolve from being a black box earlier to a travel companion. It will allow the end user to manage multiple aspects, he mentioned. The platform, over a decade old, has proven its stability to both domestic and internatio­nal sets of customers. Taking it many notches higher from a track-and-trace solution to being an analytic platform, it leverages the 4G and 5G networks to relay inputs from connected sub-systems. This in turn paves the way for critical, decision-making. Offering unlimited cloud processing capability, the data management platform target at OEMs is expected to influence integratio­n. The data exchange, for instance, will allow OEMs to share data with insurance companies. With a focus on dumbing down data, especially in a complex world like automotive, data selection (automotive interprete­r) is the platform’s USP. With 4G as the tipping point for turning customers into data consumers, the company hopes to leverage 5G capabiliti­es. The features can be expanded to the vehicle handling large chunks of data. The electrific­ation of vehicles is mandating the use of such platforms to track key performanc­e metric like State of Charge (SoC) making it a must-have. The platform boasts of deployment on over ~400,000 connected vehicles. The next biggest tipping point continues to be data exchange which will help customers overcome security vulnerabil­ities. The company will leverage audit processes with insurance companies and has had in place, dedicated roles like Chief Security Officer (CSO) since 2016, in a forward looking strategy. The key aspects of considerat­ions include OTA updates that are encrypted with digital certificat­e management at an enterprise, scalable and graded platform. Driven by RoI, the company goes on to help fleet operators to improve upon the safety, fuel theft, and misuse of vehicles in a time bound manner. The company hand holds customers and the penetratio­n is higher and led by commercial vehicles. The company counts OEs like Nissan India, to name few amongst its clientele.

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