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Suzuki In­truder 150

Ev­ery­thing good from the Gixxer, in a cruiser pack­age

- PIC­TURES Nis­hant Jhamb

Af­ter the suc­cess with the Gixxer, Suzuki had been on the back foot. But that’s be­cause they were busy con­jur­ing up the In­truder. We rode it just be­fore its public de­but

While sit­ting at the presser, de­tails about the new mo­tor­cy­cle were be­ing voiced in the usual hum­drum of such an event. The ex­cit­ing part came when cur­tains were rolled up and the new mo­tor­cy­cle was rolled onto the stage. Badged In­truder, this mo­tor­cy­cle is Suzuki’s at­tempt at fill­ing a void in the seg­ment with a prod­uct that barely has any com­pe­ti­tion in its seg­ment.

The name dates back to 1985 and it com­prises a range of high-ca­pac­ity cruiser mo­tor­cy­cles. On the other hand, this mo­tor­cy­cle is the small­est ca­pac­ity In­truder ever pro­duced by the Ja­panese man­u­fac­turer. But in keep­ing with tra­di­tion and fol­low­ing the same lin­eage, the 155cc In­truder looks very much in theme with its big­ger sib­lings. But only once you’ve spent a lit­tle time look­ing at it in the flesh. It def­i­nitely takes time to get used to the odd pro­por­tions and while you even­tu­ally come to terms with it, a speck of doubt may still re­main.

The de­sign is out­right bold be­cause of the mas­sive pro­por­tions of nearly every panel mak­ing up the body­work. Of course, it starts from the an­gu­lar head­lamp and plas­tic cladding cov­er­ing the han­dle­bar. But the tank ex­ten­sions are what will get your at­ten­tion first and then the flow­ing body­work till the fat rear-end. Though, that’s


just the top half. Look closely at the bot­tom half and you will start notic­ing parts from the Gixxer. From the forks to the wheels and tyres and, even the brakes, all come from the Gixxer. What that does is it makes the lower half look skinny and that’s what hap­pens while bor­row­ing cy­cle parts from a mo­tor­cy­cle with sportier in­ten­tions. It’s the rear-end of the mo­tor­cy­cle that’s the most dis­pro­por­tion­ate de­spite the 140 sec­tion rear tyre. None­the­less, the qual­ity of plas­tics is top-notch and not once did we hear a squeak or rat­tle from the body pan­els.

The looks left us in two minds but then came the good part. Astride the mo­tor­cy­cle, the fa­mil­iar en­gine note and be­hav­iour was clearly over­shad­owed by the de­lec­ta­ble han­dling. It came as a bit of a shocker be­fore re­al­is­ing the ge­nius be­hind us­ing bor­rowed com­po­nents. What re­ally un­der­pins the mas­sive body­work is a sporty Gixxer 155 chas­sis that uses re­vised sus­pen­sion in­ter­nals, a longer swingarm and al­tered rake. Most of these changes were to achieve the stretched look of a cruiser which would oth­er­wise

trans­late to lazy, laid-back han­dling but the true char­ac­ter­is­tics of an in­her­ently sporty chas­sis and cy­cle parts haven’t been lost. The In­truder turns in ea­gerly into cor­ners, switch­ing from side-to-side on switch­backs and glides over var­i­ous sur­faces with the flu­id­ity of a bal­let dancer. Sounds ex­ag­ger­ated? It re­ally isn’t be­cause such is the sus­pen­sion and chas­sis setup of the In­truder that it de­serves top marks for its ride and han­dling ca­pa­bil­i­ties. The ABS equipped brakes, as the Gixxer, of­fer good bite, feed­back and stop­ping power de­spite the added 6kg over the Gixxer’s kerb weight.

While rav­ing about the oh-so lik­able han­dling, there was the fa­mil­iar mo­tor sit­ting un­der­neath. It was qui­etly adding to the ride while only mak­ing it­self ev­i­dent through the slash-cut twin end-cans. The en­gine packs a punch, like it al­ways did, shift­ing through the 5-speed gearbox with only a hint of bet­ter mid-range torque com­pared to the Gixxer. Suzuki claims to have al­tered the fi­nal drive for bet­ter low-end power de­liv­ery but a glance at the spec sheet re­vealed the peak revs for both horse­power and torque. Al­though, there was noth­ing wrong with that mo­tor in the first place and for a 155cc mo­tor, it works ef­fort­lessly through the rev range. As long as you’re rid­ing solo in the plains. The added weight of a pil­lion, go­ing up­hill through the twisties lead­ing to Lavasa in Pune, made the en­gine strug­gle with revs, forc­ing us to use lower gears till the revs built up. This how­ever, was only sit­u­a­tional given the steep in­cline in a few sec­tions around this area. The in­tent is to cruise and that, this mo­tor is quite ca­pa­ble of do­ing even with a pil­lion.


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