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Ever since my col­league rode the Ntorq at the TVS track in Ho­sur, I have been ea­gerly await­ing to get astride this new sporty scooter. The rea­son be­ing that we have few scoot­ers which of­fer a healthy bal­ance be­tween ev­ery­day com­mut­ing and that peppy or sporty feel. Our ride re­port points to that specif­i­cally. Hav­ing rid­den the Ntorq for a cou­ple of hun­dred kilo­me­ters, I have to ad­mit I was suf­fi­ciently im­pressed.

For starters, let’s be­gin with the in­stru­ment panel that I’ve been overus­ing. Hook­ing it to the app is easy and the ride re­ports which it gen­er­ates af­ter each ride are in­for­ma­tive. Be­ing a tech geek, I loved it. The panel also alerts for in­com­ing calls and sms’. This is par­tic­u­larly handy for rid­ers, since one doesn’t have to stop, park and check for emer­gency calls and mes­sages while rid­ing.

We will dig deeper into this all dig­i­tal IP and its func­tions in the next cou­ple of is­sues. The other bit that im­pressed us sig­nif­i­cantly is the ex­haust note. Its throaty roar takes many fel­low com­muters by sur­prise, adding to the road pres­ence. As for the lit­tle nig­gles, I didn’t like the larger mir­rors. While vis­i­bil­ity is good, they are an eye­sore on an oth­er­wise sleek de­sign. I also would have loved to have an all-LED head­lamp unit as seen in some of the other scoot­ers. If you can man­age to ig­nore the above said odd­i­ties, the scoot and the ride is re­fresh­ing. Over the next few months, I’ll be putting it through a thor­ough kilo­me­ters test. Read all about it in our Long Term series in the com­ing is­sue.


Dig­i­tal dis­play Yes | Ta­chome­ter No | Fuel gauge Yes | Elec­tric start Yes | Disc brakes Front | Tyres tube­less | ARAI Ef­fi­ciency NA Price Rs 65,000 (ex- Delhi) War­ranty 2 years/ 40,000km

Hook­ing it to the app is easy and the ride re­ports which it gen­er­ates af­ter each ride are in­forma tive. It also alerts for in­com­ing calls and sms’

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