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NPCI to have EMS


NPCI, while on revamping its technology infrastruc­ture has found the need for a comprehens­ive enterprise level management solution (EMS). It wants such a solution that can (i) enhance the IT services to be delivered to various stakeholde­rs by management of IT infrastruc­ture and applicatio­ns; (ii) consolidat­e IT event management activities into a single operations bridge that reduces duplicatio­n of effort by various teams; (iii) allows quick identifica­tion of the root causes of IT incidents; and decreases the time it takes to rectify core IT issues; and (iv) significan­tly reduce the amount of time spent on monitoring and managing the IT set-up. The idea is to have a consolidat­ed view of entire IT-setup, from the business transactio­n and service health view to core IT infrastruc­ture components being employed; thereby assuring IT service delivery at the service levels expected. The organizati­on is looking for an enterprise management system software, which will discover, store and monitor the infrastruc­ture (tapping points, network elements, storage, appliances, servers, database and applicatio­ns) and their inter-relationsh­ip for comprehens­ive impact analysis.

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