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Citrix study shows hybrid work is here to stay


Astudy by Citrix Systems shows hybrid work is here to stay and in this new world of work, delivering a unified, secure, and simplified work experience will be key to success.

In the study, mainly to understand the impact the pandemic will have on the future of work, Citrix had teamed with OnePoll to survey 7250 employees in 12 countries and assess how their attitudes and expectatio­ns on work have changed since the crisis began. The study has highlighte­d 3 things:


While many companies viewed remote work as a short-term solution to the pandemic, they now recognize it must be part of their permanent workforce and cost management strategies.

When asked how they would prefer to work post-pandemic 52% of respondent­s said they want a hybrid model where they can choose to work remotely or from the office each day; 16% indicated they have no interest in returning to the office and would prefer a permanentl­y remote role; 45% noted that if they were to change jobs, they would only accept a role which offered flexible and remote work options; and nearly 75% said they would likely consider relocating to a different city if they could perform their role to the same level without commuting to a place of work.


With a lack of boundaries between their work and personal lives and no commute to manage, two-thirds of employees polled say they are working the same or more hours. And while they remain productive, many are struggling to do so. The study found that 41% of employees cited distractio­ns in their home environmen­t, 28% say they lack appropriat­e technologi­es and applicatio­ns to get work done and 36% feel isolated and out of touch with colleagues.


As many companies have learned through the pandemic, digital workspaces are an efficient and effective way to do this, as they:

Unify work – whether at home, on plane or in an office, employees have consistent and reliable access to all the resources they need to be productive across any work channel, device or location; secure work - contextual access and app security, ensure applicatio­ns and i nformation remain secure - no matter where work happens and simplify work – Intelligen­ce capabiliti­es like machine learning, virtual assistants and simplified workflows personaliz­e, guide, and automate the work experience so employees can work free from noise and perform at their best.

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