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CONTACT CENTER The New Frontline Channel

Contact centers have a changed role in the pandemic times. Heads of operations and contact centers of 5 BFSI institutio­ns discuss how their institutio­ns managed to make their contact centers rise to the occasion and deliver services that more than met the


Banking Frontiers in bringing this cover story that discusses how contact centers have changed to be in line with the expectatio­ns of the customers during the pandemic.

During the lockdown, most customers could not visit the branches and resorted to digital channels. The contact center became the frontline channel as call volumes rose. Since the staff had to work from home, this created serious challenges. How have BFSI institutio­ns overcome the challenges related to changes in staffing at contact centers during the lockdown? What solutions enabled WFH and what were the changes in incoming and outgoing call volumes? What is the role played by chatbots and the changes in call volumes associated with various products and customer segments? And what is the shape that technology has taken to make the contact centers productive meeting the challenges?

We are discussing the topic in 3 sections - Focus on People, Customer Engagement & Calls and Adoption of the Latest Technologi­es.

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