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Armed with ad­vanced tech­so­lu­tions, Un­i­moni will in­vest heav­ily in big data an­a­lyt­ics to de­velop ad­vanced credit scor­ing mod­els that in­cor­po­rate non-tra­di­tional data sources.

Amit Sax­ena,

MD & CEO, Un­i­moni For Fino Pay­ments Bank, the idea is to pro­mote fi­nan­cial in­clu­sion in those ar­eas were bank­ing is less prom­i­nent. The idea is not to eat the mar­ket, but to grow the mar­ket in terms of num­ber of cus­tomers and the num­ber of ser­vices avail­able to each cus­tomer.

rishi Gupta, MD & CEO, Fino Pay­ments Bank Data sci­ence will bring ma­jor trans­for­ma­tion for ru­bique, as it will help them to do things faster. They see good op­por­tu­ni­ties in the tech­nolo­gies like Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence and Ma­chine Learn­ing, but very few use case sce­nar­ios for Blockchain in In­dia.

Manav Jeet

MD & CEO, Ru­bique Cover­fox be­lieves that in­sur­ance will be sold more via dig­i­tal channels and agents and less via branches. Their phi­los­o­phy is to build a plat­form that can be used by cus­tomers and that em­pow­ers agents with prod­uct de­tails and com­par­isons.

Pre­man­shu Singh

CEO, Cover­fox Digit In­sur­ance seeks an in­te­grated eco-sys­tem of part­ners with dif­fer­ent ex­per­tise to jointly give the cus­tomer a seam­less ex­pe­ri­ence, in sync with its phi­los­o­phy of be­ing wher­ever the cus­tomer seeks pro­tec­tion.

Vi­jay ku­mar,

CEO, Digit In­sur­ance CASHe is plan­ning to dou­ble its busi­ness by 2019, for which it is com­ing up with its own eMI card, along with of­fer­ings in wealth man­age­ment and in­sur­ance.

ke­tan Pa­tel,

CEO, CASHe AI and an­a­lyt­ics will help Cigna TTk Health In­sur­ance in bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of the cus­tomer. It will help them make prod­uct far more cus­tomised, and so there is tremen­dous op­por­tu­nity in these tech­nolo­gies.

Pra­sun Sik­dar MD & CEO, Cigna TTK

Health In­sur­ance Fin­care Small Fi­nance Bank be­lieves that Blockchain is a very cru­cial tech­nol­ogy. Many banks are do­ing projects on it, but it is will takes years for the sig­nif­i­cant ap­pli­ca­tion of the tech­nol­ogy in In­dia.

ra­jeev Ya­dav MD & CEO, Fin­care Small

Fi­nance Bank

Ujji­van Small Fi­nance

Bank has m-bank­ing app in 5 lan­guages. It wants to reach out to the non-english speak­ing pop­u­la­tion, which is 90% of the over­all pop­u­la­tion, and get them m-bank­ing ac­tively, es­pe­cially those in ru­ral and semi-ur­ban ar­eas.

Samit Ghosh CEO, Ujji­van Small Fi­nance Bank Fin­tech will help Sury­o­day Small Fi­nance Bank achieve faster bank­ing pro­cesses. Tech­nolo­gies like an­a­lyt­ics and AI will help the bank un­der­stand the cus­tomer.

The bank be­lieves that open bank­ing will be­come the norm in some time.

r. Baskar Babu, MD, CEO & ED, Sury­o­day Small Fi­nance Bank Utkarsh Small Fi­nance

Bank faces chal­lenges of tech­nol­ogy ob­so­les­cence, fluc­tu­a­tions in the econ­omy and rise and fall of mar­kets. It is lev­er­ag­ing tech­nol­ogy for trans­for­ma­tion and fin­techs to grow the mar­ket as it tar­gets cus­tomers in re­mote ar­eas.

Govind Singh, MD & CEO, Utkarsh Small Fi­nance Bank ArT Hous­ing Fi­nance is rid­ing on tech­nol­ogy to make the home loan a fully dig­i­tal prod­uct. It sees a shift in cus­tomer fo­cus from in­ter­est rates to other con­sid­er­a­tions, in­clud­ing TAT and has­sle-free ex­pe­ri­ence. Arvind Hali MD & CEO, ART Hous­ing

Fi­nance Doorstep de­liv­ery was the core cus­tomer ser­vice for the Post Of­fice, and In­dia Post Pay­ments Bank has adopted the same.

It is fo­cus­ing on cre­at­ing a sus­tain­able last mile de­liv­ery model for pa­per­less on­board­ing of cus­tomers us­ing bio­met­ric de­vices & smart phones.

Suresh Sethi, MD & CEO, In­dia Post Pay­ments Bank Tof­fee In­sur­ance de­con­structs over-com­pli­cated, vague prod­ucts & con­tex­tu­al­izes them rel­e­vant to users’ life­styles. It ed­u­cates first time in­sur­ance buy­ers, wel­com­ing them in a way that they can un­der­stand the value, and re­late it back with their life­style & habits.

ro­han ku­mar, CEO Tof­fee In­sur­ance Flex­iloans sees tremen­dous op­por­tu­nity in data sci­ence & ma­chine learn­ing giv­ing an op­por­tu­nity to model the cus­tomer be­hav­ior. For 2019, it plans to cre­ate a sharper data sci­ence model. It has lend­ing part­ner­ships with Limeload, Shop­clues, Paytm, etc.

Man­ish Lu­nia

Co-Founder, Flex­

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