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Not Happy with Accelerati­on


I have a question regarding my Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. My bike has done 20,000 km, but I am not really happy with its accelerati­on. I want my bike to have the same accelerati­on as the KTM 200 Duke. Please suggest to me how it may be done. Ashok Kumar, by e-mail

The main reason why the bike feels sluggish as compared to the KTM is that the Pulsar 200NS is heavier than the Duke. Besides, it has taller gearing and is slightly less powerful. To make your bike go as fast as the Duke, you would need to undertake a number of modificati­ons to reduce weight, improve gearing and increase the power, all of which is not really worth the time and money. Instead, you can always consider upgrading to the Duke.

You would need to re-jet the bike in order to utilise the K&N filter to the maximum. As for the PVC pipe, we would simply say that do away with the plastic pipe because there will be no heat/melting/deforming issue at all. However, ensure that you get the airfilter installed properly and re-jet the bike accordingl­y.

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