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Dear Read­ers, Thank you for the large num­ber of letters! How­ever, we re­quest you to send them in a proper for­mat. Firstly, please en­sure that your letters are part of the e-mail it­self, and not an at­tach­ment. Only pic­tures, wher­ever nec­es­sary, may be sent as at­tach­ments. Se­condly, please men­tion the sub­ject in the sub­ject line. For ex­am­ple, if your let­ter is for the ‘Read­ers Write’ col­umn, please men­tion READ­ERS WRITE in the sub­ject line. If it is a tech­ni­cal query to be an­swered by us, please men­tion TECHNO MAIL and so on. Oth­er­wise your mail could land up in the spam bin. This will en­sure that your letters and queries are pub­lished reg­u­larly. – Ed­i­tor

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