Is a Hel­met Bad for the Brain?

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I am 12 years old and I read your magazine reg­u­larly. I have a ques­tion which I want to ask. I see a lot of peo­ple ride their mo­tor­cy­cles with­out wear­ing hel­mets. A few months ago I read in the news­pa­pers that hel­mets are not good for the brain? Is it true? I want my fa­ther to wear one as well but I don’t know how to con­vince him. Please help me.

Shub­ham Rai, Mum­bai

Your safety con­cern is highly ap­pre­ci­ated. First of all, we would like to say that a hel­met that fits well is never bad for the brain. If it were so, mo­tor­cy­cle rac­ers, fighter-jet pi­lots and many other peo­ple would not put their brain at risk. A hel­met is a per­fectly safe thing to wear and its im­por­tance goes beyond that. You may tell your fa­ther that a hel­met will al­ways pro­tect his head and that he will ride more safely ev­ery day if he wears a hel­met.

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