Should One Push the Bike to Its Limit?

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I have a few queries re­gard­ing my Honda CBR250R. Will it be ad­vis­able to use Mo­tul 300V in­stead of the en­gine oil rec­om­mended by Honda? I also want to know how I can keep the en­gine tem­per­a­ture low? Can you please sug­gest a coolant that will help me in this re­spect? I like to push it to the limit when­ever I can. Aris­ing from that, I would like to know whether it is safe to rev it to the lim­iter while push­ing hard. Should I avoid do­ing so? Will it harm the en­gine in any way? Please ad­vise me.

Pri­tam Du­mal, Kol­ha­pur

It is per­fectly all right if you go in for the Mo­tul 300V en­gine oil. As for the coolant, you may up­grade to a brand called En­gine Ice. It can with­stand ex­treme tem­per­a­tures and it cools the en­gine ef­fi­ciently. As for push­ing the bike on the high­way, you may do so, but we would ad­vise you not to over-rev the en­gine, that is, hit the lim­iter. This could dam­age the en­gine.

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