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I’ve been a loyal fan and reg­u­lar reader of Bike In­dia and, thanks to you, I am on my way to be­com­ing a bet­ter biker. I am plan­ning to re­place the air-fil­ter on my Honda CB Uni­corn with a K&N RC-1060. Do I need to re-jet the car­bu­ret­tor? Should I in­stall a small PVC pipe be­tween the fil­ter and the car­bu­ret­tor? A friend of mine said that the rub­ber mount­ing would melt and get hard, is that true?

Zolton Abel, by e-mail

You would need to re-jet the bike in or­der to utilise the K&N fil­ter to the max­i­mum. As for the PVC pipe, we would sim­ply say that do away with the plas­tic pipe be­cause there will be no heat/melt­ing/de­form­ing is­sue at all. How­ever, en­sure that you get the air-fil­ter in­stalled prop­erly and re-jet the bike ac­cord­ingly.

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