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Please help me in se­lect­ing the right tyre for my KTM Duke 390 (2016 model) since I am fac­ing cer­tain is­sues with the cur­rent Miche­lins. They got punc­tured by a bolt and that punc­ture keeps trou­bling me again and again. I have at­tached a pic­ture. I don’t want to stick to the stock Met­zel­ers ei­ther for they lasted only for 8,000 km. I do a lot of tour­ing, in­clud­ing rough road rid­ing, and nei­ther the Met­zel­ers nor the Miche­lins are suit­able for this. I was think­ing of re­plac­ing them with MRF RVZ C1 and FC1 es­pe­cially be­cause I am plan­ning to un­der­take a road trip to Ladakh. My friend’s Ba­jaj Dom­i­nar also runs the same tyres and he has had no prob­lems with them.

Please ad­vise me.

Deepak Chaud­hary, via so­cial me­dia

Dear Deepak,

Since you have ruled out the stock Met­zel­ers and aren’t sat­is­fied with the Miche­lins ei­ther, MRF is def­i­nitely an al­ter­na­tive for you to con­sider. They are also the more cost-ef­fec­tive op­tion by a mar­gin and a more durable choice as well. The REVZ-FC1 and C1 should out­last both the Met­zel­ers and Miche­lins, es­pe­cially since you’ll be travers­ing the rough roads lead­ing to Ladakh. Good luck to you for your trip to­wards the moun­tains!

Sug­gest the Right 125-cc Scooter

A num­ber of 125-cc scoot­ers are avail­able in the mar­ket nowa­days and most come loaded with a lot of fea­tures. Which of those 125-cc scoot­ers would you rec­om­mend to me, tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion ride qual­ity, han­dling, and com­fort? Fuel ef­fi­ciency and fea­tures are not my pri­mary con­cerns but, yes, the scooter should be quite re­li­able.

Arunava Das, via so­cial me­dia

Dear Anu­rava,

As you rightly ob­served, quite a few 125-cc scoot­ers are avail­able in the mar­ket to choose from. You could look at the Honda Grazia, Aprilia SR 125 or TVS Ntorq 125. Luck­ily, we’ve pit­ted all three 125s against one an­other in this very is­sue! Just turn over to page 66. We’re sure our in-depth re­view will help you make your choice.

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