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Record-break­ing feats con­tin­ued even in the most an­tic­i­pated race of the TT week: the Se­nior TT. This is where his­tory is writ­ten each year and this year it was Peter Hick­man who en­tered the ex­clu­sive list of rid­ers who have been hon­oured with the ti­tle of “Fastest Road Racer in the World”. Just like ev­ery year, we had our eyes set on rac­ers like Michael Dun­lop, Conor Cum­mins, and Gary John­son — big names who have per­formed ex­cep­tion­ally well in the past and en­ter­tained us. How­ever, things were a bit dif­fer­ent this time around. The race started with Dean Har­ri­son lead­ing the pack into Glen He­len and Ram­sey, closely fol­lowed by Hick­man and Dun­lop.

Lap one ended with Har­ri­son post­ing a 133.678-mph (215.134-km/h) lap. Hick­man was 1.2 sec­onds be­hind Har­ri­son and Michael in third, al­most 13 sec­onds be­hind Hick­man. This was just the be­gin­ning of the bat­tle be­tween the mighty rac­ers. As the race en­tered the sec­ond lap, Har­ri­son had al­ready in­creased his gap to Hick­man. As Har­ri­son and Hick­man were fight­ing for the lead, the chal­lenge seemed to have ended for Dun­lop, who had now fallen into fourth place. This meant that Cum­mins was now in third, chas­ing Hick­man and Har­ri­son.

As the race pro­gressed, the order re­mained the same with Har­ri­son lead­ing, Hick­man in sec­ond, Cum­mins in third, Dun­lop fourth, and Josh Brookes in fifth. As the race en­tered the sixth and fi­nal lap, things started to heat up be­tween race leader Har­ri­son and Peter Hick­man. By now, Peter had al­ready lapped the cir­cuit at a blis­ter­ing 134.456 mph (216.386 km/h) and brought the gap be­tween him and Har­ri­son down to 1.9 sec­onds on the start of lap six. How­ever, Har­ri­son’s su­pe­rior pace saw him run away from Hick­man, in­creas­ing the gap to 5.7 sec­onds at Bal­laugh.

It seemed like Hick­man re­ally took flight as he had shaved off more than three sec­onds when he ar­rived at Ram­sey as the gap be­tween him and Har­ri­son was now down to two sec­onds. By Bun­ga­low, Hick­man had taken the lead but by a puny mar­gin of 0.834 sec­onds. It all came down to the wire as Har­ri­son crossed the fin­ish line, post­ing a 134.918-mph (217.129km/h) lap. This was a new record, al­though it only lasted for 45 sec­onds as a blis­ter­ingly fast Peter Hick­man crossed the fin­ish line, post­ing a 135.452-mph (217.989-km/h) lap that helped him gain two sec­onds in the over­all time and win the race. Hick­man be­came the first man to breach the 135-mph bar­rier. Al­though Har­ri­son came so close to win­ning the race, he missed the top spot by 0.860 km/h. Lo­cal hero, Conor Cum­mins, came home in third, fol­lowed by Dun­lop in fourth.

Peter Hick­man is now the fastest road-racer in the world

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