TVs ntorq ncoun­ters — II

Travers­ing the city of IT, rac­ing, food, good weather, and the brew­ing of man’s sec­ond best friend


The ntorq ex­plores nightlife in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a fas­ci­nat­ing place, to say the least. it is bustling full of young pro­fes­sion­als and stu­dents from across the coun­try, all of whom seem to be right at home in this friendly city. the city dur­ing most of the day has wide flow­ing roads; tainted, though, by ar­guably the worst traf­fic one would ever see. How­ever, once the sun has dis­ap­peared well be­yond the hori­zon and the day’s work traf­fic has sub­sided, Bengaluru opens its arms and begs for ex­plo­ration. and since i had the tVs ntorq at my dis­posal, that’s ex­actly what i did.

i rode out of elec­tronic city, the it hub of Bengaluru, via a long fly­over. it’s a two-laner full of fast-mov­ing traf­fic, with one exit head­ing towards the city and the other tak­ing one to the high­way lead­ing to Ho­sur. the peppy 125-cc en­gine kept up with the fast-paced city thanks to its tVs rac­ing in­spired per­for­mance. Main­tain­ing a good pace with­out break­ing into a sweat, the ntorq felt sta­ble even with cars and trucks whizzing past at speed. With a per­fect bal­ance of per­for­mance and con­trol, the tVs en­cour­aged me to push it to the limit, and i obliged.

the plan was to ride towards M g road, the su­per lively street which comes to life at night. the road is a very well-lit shop­ping hub with light­ing streaked from one side to the other. the ride there, how­ever, was sur­pris­ingly slow even at this hour; the city’s in­fa­mous traf­fic re­fused to fiz­zle out. But a song in mind... nay, a few songs in mind... is al­ways a great help.

Be­fore that, i made a slight de­tour and trav­elled closer to the city cen­tre and soon ar­rived on a road that took me straight to the iconic struc­ture of the Vid­hana soudha, a stun­ning piece of ar­chi­tec­ture which is the state leg­isla­tive assem­bly house. With the soft light fall­ing on the ntorq, the stylish cues of the 125-cc scooter looked twice as nice, mak­ing quite a few heads turn for a sec­ond glance. af­ter a brief pause, i un­der­took a small tour of the area be­fore head­ing towards M g road. rid­ing through nar­row by-lanes is al­ways fun in a new city, as you never know what you may find. this is ex­actly what hap­pened to me a few mo­ments later. it was a nar­row street with no street-lamps. With the ntorq’s bright head­lamp to my res­cue, i man­aged to weave seam­lessly through the lanes and reached a street with a store that im­me­di­ately at­tracted my at­ten­tion. tusker’s Dainese and agV store is a small but lovely place to be for all two-wheeler en­thu­si­asts. i found my­self stand­ing there and drool­ing over those amaz­ing rac­ing suits, jack­ets, gloves, shoes, and, of course, the agV hel­mets.

M g road beck­oned, though, and, fi­nally, a few turns later i ar­rived at what can be best de­scribed as the heart of this beau­ti­ful city. the first right turn on M g road leads you on to church street, which is fa­mous for the num­ber of restaurants and pubs that line it on ei­ther side. there are young peo­ple ev­ery­where, ei­ther just hav­ing got done with work or col­lege-go­ing hip­sters. With the friendly bunch around, the at­mos­phere is noth­ing short of elec­tric. the trendy scooter ef­fort­lessly merged with the youth­ful sur­round­ings and seemed to be the per­fect part­ner on these roads. Min­gling around M g road and church street for a while, i in­dulged my­self with some lo­cal grub be­fore head­ing out again. Healthy, clean, and pocket-friendly, pretty much like my fru­gal ride.

time to ex­plore a lit­tle more. close to raj Bha­van road there is the colo­nial Wind­sor bridge that looked over the main high­way. a pretty lit­tle bridge with old-fash­ioned lights and even some flags of a five-star ho­tel. a sight so beau­ti­ful, i de­cided to stop there, soak in the feel­ing and plan my next move. this proved to be a good thing as i re­ceived a call from a friend who had just got off from work. We de­cided that we would get a bite to eat and catch up

on all the friendly gos­sip. How­ever, the lo­ca­tion for this long pend­ing meet was an­other one of Bengaluru’s shop­ping and food and bev­er­age hubs: in­di­rana­gar. since i was new to the city, the ntorq’s smartXon­nect came to my res­cue. i could sync my phone with it and the nav­i­ga­tion guid­ance could be dis­played on the scooter’s dig­i­tal dis­play. all i needed to do was to fol­low the read-out of the dis­tance ahead un­til the next turn and i was at the meet­ing point with­out any fuss.

in­di­rana­gar has a road called Hun­dred feet road. is it 100 feet wide? Yes, hence the name. Does that mat­ter?... Per­haps, but not dur­ing the dread­ful rush hour! What it is, though, is a melt­ing pot of cul­tures with dif­fer­ently themed pubs, restaurants, and stores. Bengaluru is fa­mous for its brew­eries and ask any lo­cal, they are proud about their beer. since i would be rid­ing the scooter and still had the to city ex­plorer hat on (read: hel­met), i had to re­frain from all the tempt­ing brews, ex­cept a cup of cof­fee. the ale has to wait, per­haps for an­other day. i did take a peek and wit­nessed the cap­ti­vat­ing vibe. Places like toit, glenns Bake­house, and truffles seemed to be buzzing with the youth.

af­ter bid­ding my friend good­bye, i di­alled on the nav­i­ga­tion once again, this time tak­ing me towards my night halt and the much-needed cosy bed. a light breeze and pleas­ant tem­per­a­ture ac­com­pa­nied me home as i tried to sum up this city to my­self. Bengaluru does in­deed have some lovely places to suc­cumb to any food crav­ing and if you are not care­ful, a beer belly. it is true that the traf­fic is of­ten a bit too much to han­dle. it has a huge mu­sic scene, too, karaoke bars are packed with singers on Wed­nes­days and thurs­days. How­ever, this is a city with it pro­fes­sion­als mak­ing their way up the lad­der dur­ing the day, cre­at­ing a re­lax­ing vibe at night. the city is known for its race cul­ture, too. the youth are all in proper gear whizzing around on their bikes and cars. it and race — well, to be fair, that is ex­actly what the trendy tVs ntorq scooter is. a race-in­spired ma­chine built on years of learn­ing gath­ered through tVs rac­ing, packed with loads of help­ful giz­mos to make for much fun and a fea­ture-rich ride. Oh, Bengaluru, i like you, but now i must move on to see what else i can ex­plore. i will see you again, though, sooner than later.

Smart Xon­nect on the TVS Ntorq makes life so much eas­ier

That rear brake light is stun­ning

Church Street is lined with restaurants and bars such as the one in the back­ground

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