How Does an Au­to­choke Work?

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Hav­ing read your shootout com­pris­ing the TVS Ntorq, Aprilia SR 125, and the Honda Grazia, I de­cided to buy the Ntorq. I have had no cause for re­gret so far be­cause the scooter is quite ex­cel­lent. What baf­fles me, though, is that there is no choke. I asked the peo­ple at the deal­er­ship and they said that the scooter comes with an auto-choke. Can you please ex­plain how this works and what its ben­e­fits are? Priyam Bagga, New Delhi Hello, Priyam, Con­grat­u­la­tions on your new ac­qui­si­tion! As for your query, what the dealer told you is cor­rect; the Ntorq, among other TVS scoot­ers, comes with an auto-choke. A sen­sor in the scooter de­tects if the choke is needed and au­to­mat­i­cally ad­justs the air-fuel mix­ture to make it richer in order to help start seam­lessly dur­ing a cold start. The ad­van­tage of this is that you don’t need to make the ef­fort of ac­ti­vat­ing the choke and don’t need to worry about re­mem­ber­ing to turn it off once your scooter is run­ning smoothly. The dis­ad­van­tage is that you can­not man­u­ally reg­u­late the ap­pli­ca­tion of the choke so it may run on a richer fuel mix­ture for a lit­tle longer than you may have opted for, caus­ing your scooter to pos­si­bly con­sume a lit­tle bit of ex­tra fuel.

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