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TWO-Wheeler sales have been head­Ing sOuTh­Wards fOr a cOu­ple Of rea­sOns, the first one be­ing the cost of fuel and the sec­ond the cost of the manda­tory five-year in­surance for new bikes. This has added an­other rs 5,000 to rs 6,000 to the cost of the en­trylevel 100/110-cc mo­tor­cy­cles and scoot­ers. need­less to say, this is a con­sid­er­able in­crease when some­one is scrap­ing the bot­tom of the bar­rel to buy his or her ba­sic mode of trans­port.

retro mo­tor­cy­cles are the flavour of the month. af­ter the royal en­field 650 twins, clas­sic leg­ends have now launched the Jawa 300-cc mo­tor­cy­cle. The big dif­fer­ence be­tween the two is that the royal en­field 650 is a mod­ern retro de­sign while clas­sic leg­ends have repli­cated the 1960s’ Jawa. It is a gam­ble they have taken and only time will tell whether they suc­ceed with its styling. The sec­ond prob­lem for Jawa is that royal en­field have set a new bench­mark with the 650 twins in terms of per­for­mance, all-round ride­abil­ity, and build qual­ity. To bet­ter this, Jawa have their work cut out; they will have to pro­duce a phe­nom­e­nal mo­tor­cy­cle. In this is­sue you may read the first-ride im­pres­sion of the Jawa bikes.

The po­lice want to en­force the hel­met rule for two-wheeler rid­ers from 1 Jan­uary 2019 and peo­ple and politi­cians have al­ready started rais­ing ob­jec­tions to it.

I would like to wish all our read­ers a happy new Year and please wear a hel­met while rid­ing. please don’t drink and ride. Obey all traf­fic rules, be­cause you don’t only put your own life at risk, but also those of other road-users by not do­ing so. Think of the loved ones wait­ing for you at home.

Wish you all a happy new Year once again and safe rid­ing.

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