Kevin Sch­wantz

500-cc World Cham­pion ― 1993

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‘I’d just get in front at the be­gin­ning of the race and as soon as he passed me, I’d do what he does when some­one passes him — just catch him at the next cor­ner, stuff it up the in­side, what­ever it takes. or, maybe, I’d keep ev­ery­one bunched up, try and in­com­mode him and wait for him to make a mis­take.

‘then there’s the mind-games… I al­ways used to play tricks with Wayne [rainey] be­fore the race. I’d go up to him on the grid and say, “Hey, man, are you ready to go?” I could see him think­ing, “Get the hell away from me! Don’t bother me! I’m try­ing to con­cen­trate!” So, that’s what I’d do to marc, but I’d have a harder time do­ing that now be­cause all the rid­ers have those lit­tle bar­ri­ers around them on the grid.

‘When I was rac­ing, if I’d been as in­tense as Wayne, I’d be dead by now. I’d never have eaten, I’d never have slept. the in­ten­sity he brought to rac­ing — you could see it, you could feel it on the grid. I just had to be as light-hearted as I could be about it. Hey, it’s only morn­ing warm-up! Hey, it’s only the sight­ing lap, so don’t get all ner­vous yet, be­cause we’ve still got an­other lap to do be­fore this thing starts!’

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