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Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6

- Spec Talk Road test

Price: Rs 1.91 lakh (ex-showroom)

Overall star rating

Wheelbase 1465 mm Length 2190 mm


Width: 840 mm Kerb Weight: 199 kg Battery: 12V / 8.0 Ah

variants. When we tested the bike, its 0-100 km/h time was 13.47 seconds, compared to 12.04 for the BS4 variant. This one-and-a-half second difference is understand­able and not a red flag. In addition, the time loss may be due to the additional weight rather than the 0.2-hp loss. But, then again, the himalayan is not a canyon-carving adventure tourer; instead it is a mellow mile-muncher that will chug its way through anything thrown in its path. on the brakes we see an even closer story, with an 80-0 km/h braking time of 3.07 seconds. The BS4 variant did the same in 2.96 seconds.

Royal Enfield have now added a little button on the console that changes the game in the rough stuff. a button to switch off aBS on the rear wheel. ask any off-roading fan and they would concur the importance of this feature. This makes the himalayan a more capable handler in the dirt, especially for people who know what they are doing there. however, for many, the ability of the bike to crawl through thick and thin is all one would need, which is, as we mentioned before, still shining bright.

The himalayan is widely known as one of the most comfortabl­e motorcycle­s to ride too. its ergonomics are quite amazing, keeping you in utmost comfort for those long journeys. A seat height of 800 mm makes this motorcycle an easier mate for those short in stature as well, with the wide handlebar being at an optimum width and height for the average indian. This has always been a comfortabl­e motorcycle and we are glad it continues to be so.

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