Bike India : 2020-07-10

ROAD TEST : 43 : 43


HIMALAYAN BS6 ROYAL ENFIELD We put the Royal Enfield BS6 through its paces to see if the adventurou­s thumper still has what it takes to be the king of the Indian mountains he royal enField himalayan is known to be the motorcycle of choice for one who decides to explore the country on two wheels. there are also a number of reasons that support the himalayan in this respect and we ourselves had quite a few adventures on the previous Bs4 version. now, with revised emission norms in place, royal enfield have launched the new Bs6-compliant himalayan that promises to be a cleaner, greener, and smoother ride. however, that begs the question: does the adventurou­s thumper still remain true to its rugged personalit­y. therefore, we put the new Bs6-compliant version through a full and thorough road test to find the answer. here is what we found. Design 43 July 2020 Bike India

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