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Yamaha RayZR Disc/RayZR Street Rally

- India Spec Talk Road test

Price: Rs 73,150/Rs 74,150 (ex-showroom)

Overall star rating

Wheelbase 1,280 mm Length 1,880 mm

a speed of 20 km/h is achieved from standstill in 1.60 seconds and the run to 40 km/h is achieved in 4.10 seconds, giving it ample power to cruise around town and for quick overtakes when necessary. after 50 km/h, the scooter takes a while to crawl up to 95 km/h, which is the indicated top speed that we were able to achieve while testing. with this new engine, Yamaha also claim an improved fuel efficiency of 16 per cent as compared to the earlier model.

on the safety front, the scooters are equipped with 12-inch wheels with a disc brake at the front and 10-inch wheels at the rear with a drum brake. the RayZR uses a set of tVs eurogrip tyres while the street Rally has been equipped with a pair of block-pattern maxxis tyres. Yamaha have used a UBs (Unified Braking system) which uses the front brake automatica­lly in a gradual manner when the rear brake is applied. the brakes do the job well and provide quick feedback in just about any situation. the suspension setup consists of telescopic forks at the front and a single shock-absorber at the rear. this set-up allows the RayZR to take on our roads in a stable and comfortabl­e manner without any disturbanc­e to the rider. In our braking test from 60 km/h to a standstill, the scooter required a distance of 20.27 metres and a time of 2.28 seconds, while braking from 80 km/h to a standstill was achieved in 30.49 metres and 2.98 seconds.

the tyres on the street Rally were really impressive and those would be my personal pick of the lot. even in very wet conditions, the tyres manage to bring the scooter to a halt without the slightest slip. even when I applied the rear brake to intentiona­lly lock the rear tyre and slide, the sR stopped right in its tracks. on the standard RayZR, the tyres do a good job of providing grip, but a rider will have to be more careful, for they are not as efficient as the sR tyres in wet conditions and over off-road patches.

another modern feature that the RayZR scooters get is the start-and-stop system. this system worked well to shut the engine off when the scooter came to a halt. It can be re-started simply by twisting the throttle. for added safety, the side-stand gets an inbuilt sensor as seen on many motorcycle­s which will not allow the bike to start until the stand is kicked back.

the standard RayZR is priced at Rs 69,530 for the drum brake variant and Rs 72,530 for the disc brake one while the street Rally model is priced at Rs 73,530 (all prices exshowroom). the price seems justifiabl­e for a 125-cc scooter. the scooters are a fun propositio­n for everyday commuting and have quite a premium and sporty appeal. for a complete experience, I would recommend the street Rally model which offers a mite more for a premium of just Rs 1,000 over the standard model.

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