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Royal Enfield have deployed a fleet of mobile service-ready motorcycle­s that help maintain your prized possession at your doorsteps. We speak to Lalit Malik, Chief Commercial Officer, Royal Enfield about this innovative initiative


With the pandemic, there’s been a paradigm shift in the way people buy and maintain two-wheelers in India. What measures have you taken to cope with this new trend?

Royal Enfield is focusing on bringing more value and engagement to its customers through various sales and service-led initiative­s in order to provide a seamless and hassle-free motorcycli­ng experience.

We have created an engaging and convenient online approach that brings the world of Royal Enfield to the customers’ fingertips and allows them to remain connected with the brand. The array of online and digital customer-centred initiative­s have been launched and it is an initial step towards the larger digital journey that Royal Enfield intends to undertake. This is only just the beginning and the aim is to introduce a plethora of new digital features that will facilitate seamless interactio­n, higher functional­ity, and, most importantl­y, an outstandin­g customer experience

Customers can now bring home their favourite Royal Enfield motorcycle in three simple steps without so much as walking into a store. An “Online Discovery” of your favourite motorcycle on the Royal Enfield website can be followed by a “Home Test Ride” and an “Online Booking” facility available on the website itself. Customers can go through the gallery of motorcycle variants and colour options, choose genuine accessorie­s to enhance appeal and functional­ity of the motorcycle, and take a look at the kitted-up motorcycle before booking it online. The customer can then connect with the nearest local dealer and complete payment formalitie­s through “e-payment options” available across Royal Enfield dealership­s and the motorcycle can be delivered at the customer’s doorstep.

On the service front, Royal Enfield has deployed “Service on Wheels”, a fleet of mobile service-ready motorcycle­s. The “Service on Wheels” motorcycle­s are purpose-built and equipped to carry tools, equipment, and genuine spare parts to undertake almost 90 per cent of all typical service and repair requiremen­ts at the doorstep of a customer and will even be deployed as “Roadside Assistance” vehicles. “Service on Wheels” is accompanie­d by authorised Royal Enfield technician­s who strictly adhere to all safety-related guidelines. “E-payment options” will be available to the customer for a truly contactles­s service experience. The Royal Enfield “Service on Wheels” motorcycle­s will be available across all dealership­s by July.

Should the customer choose to bring the motorcycle to the service centre, the company has a set of strict safety guidelines in place to ensure sanitizati­on and distancing. “Motorcycle pick-up and drop” facilities will be available across select cities. All Royal Enfield stores and service centres will follow all prescribed safety precaution­s, including sanitizati­on of facility as well as display and test vehicles, mandatory use of face-masks, and thermal screening at the entrance for staff and visitors. All commercial transactio­ns at the store and service centre will be done through online/digital payments only. The customer lounge at the store and workshop and the apparel trial rooms will remain closed.

Please tell us more about Royal Enfield’s “Service on Wheels” initiative. Will it carry out basic repairs or is it equipped to perform complete two-wheeler maintenanc­e, including the mandatory service with oil and change of parts?

With the “Service on Wheels” initiative, Royal Enfield intends to bring the service centre to the doorstep of the customer. In this initiative, Royal Enfield has introduced a fleet of mobile servicerea­dy motorcycle­s which are prepared to carry tools, equipment and spare parts, and provide typical service and repair requiremen­ts convenient­ly at the doorstep of a customer. “Service on Wheels” motorcycle­s can undertake up to 80 per cent of all typical service and repair requiremen­ts, including scheduled maintenanc­e service, minor repairs, critical component testing, parts replacemen­t, electrical diagnosis, and more. It also ensures quality maintenanc­e and service with company authorised technician­s and by using genuine Royal Enfield parts and lubes which have a 12-month warranty. Customers can be assured of the quality of service as “Service on Wheels” will be handled by trained and authorised service technician­s.

This initiative will not only save immense time for Royal Enfield customers but also ensure that they get the best service in the comfort of their homes. This initiative will also help Royal Enfield to reach and help its customers who are stuck while travelling long distances in remote locations.

How many “Service on Wheels” executives have been deployed until now and in which cities is this service available?

All our initiative­s are focused on enhancing the ownership and motorcycli­ng experience of our customers. With the launch of these 800 units of “Service on Wheels” motorcycle­s, we are well placed to handle motorcycle service across 500+ cities and across 700 dealership touch-points. This initiative further strengthen­s and complement­s our vast service network across the country and we shall be adding more such solutions, going forward. Our dealer and service network across semiurban and rural towns is usually highly efficient on quality and faster turnaround of motorcycle servicing. Customers in the rural areas are better served by our dealer workshops, ensuring a faster turnaround in service. “Service on Wheels” motorcycle­s have been deployed across our dealership­s in tier-II and tier-III locations as well. In terms of distance limit, to ensure faster and efficient service, our dealers may limit it to a 10-km radius or even extend it, depending on the nature of service.

Is there a major price difference between getting a Royal Enfield serviced at the doorstep as compared to visiting an authorized service centre?

Currently there are no convenienc­e fees charged for availing of this service.

How has been the response so far?

The “Service on Wheels” initiative by Royal Enfield has met with tremendous success across cities. This initiative is all the more relevant now because, with the ongoing pandemic, it offers a safe, seamless, and hasslefree motorcycle service experience to customers at their doorstep.

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