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Looking Forward to Festive Momentum

- Aspi Bhathena EDITOR

THE FESTIVE SEASON IS ROUND THE CORNER AND MANUFACTUR­ERS ARE LOOKING forward to it to regain the sales momentum that has been eluding them for the past 10 months. With things heading back towards normality and the supply chains getting completed, we may expect an increase in the number of new two-wheelers being sold. With the restrictio­ns on import from China, two-wheeler manufactur­ers are going to face difficulti­es in production as well as costing because many of them source components from that country. Particular­ly with the BS6 norms in force, most of them import fuel-injection systems from China. In this context, there is a question that we need to ask ourselves: why is it cheaper to import components from China than manufactur­ing them here in India? You don’t require rocket science to manufactur­e components in India; it is all the hurdles and restrictio­ns laid down by the authoritie­s that make doing business a tough propositio­n.

If a ban on Chinese goods comes into force, most of the electric two-wheeler manufactur­ers will have to shut shop since most of the critical components such as batteries and motors are imported from the Land of the Dragon.

The strict enforcemen­t of the rule regarding wearing masks is laudable, but I wish the authoritie­s would enforce traffic rules in the same manner. Rules such as wearing a helmet, not more than two persons astride a two-wheeler, and not riding down the wrong way. In doing so, we would also save a lot of lives that are lost in road accidents. In the Koregaon Park area of Pune, for instance, we see the police apprehendi­ng people for breaking a traffic signal, which is good, but they turn a blind eye to those riding or driving down the wrong way, which is sad. This anomaly needs to be addressed forthwith.

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