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R 1250 GS:



BMW took another step along the long-establishe­d GS path towards more cubes and power with the R 1250 GS, which gained its 1,254-cc capacity via increased bore and stroke. The DOHC, eight-valve boxer engine also introduced Shiftcam valve operation, which varies the intake camshafts’ lift and duration at about 5,000 rpm, to optimize breathing for both low and high revs.

Those updates, combined with a chassis inherited from the R 1200 GS, kept the momentum going: by the end of 2019, its first full year, more than 45,000 standard 1250s had been produced along with over 33,000 Adventures. Even the rough and tough GS couldn’t prevent the coronaviru­s halting production this year, but with the factory now back in action, the R 1250 GS looks on course to become the most successful boxer yet.

October 2020

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