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On this epic trip across Odisha, we are being joined by the popular biker and motorcycle racer, Kalyani Potekar. While my version of the ride is spread across these pages, Kalyani’s version is available on her Instagram page. Here is what she had to say when we quizzed her about the ride.

At the end of leg one, what do you think is most unique thing about Odisha?

Odisha has an amazing road network that makes for a very rejuvenati­ng riding experience.

Are you having fun astride the hero Xtreme 160R?

Yes, absolutely. The Xtreme 160R is an enjoyable motorcycle that gives me confidence to push it to its limits without being stressed about the outcome.

What is your favourite memory from leg one?

Daringbadi and its diversity was my favourite part of the trip. I got to experience a lot of pristine ecological hotspots.

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