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Hero Glamour

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Price: Rs 74,216 (ex-showroom)

Overall star rating

Ground Clearance 180 mm

Wheelbase 1,273 mm

Length 2,051 mm

is a special motorcycle for us because it featured in Bike India’s first-ever comparison review in September 2005. The essence of the Glamour was bottled back then and it has borne the test of time like fine wine does. Fifteen years later - after occasional swigs - the latest glassful from that bottle tastes better than ever. It does not aspire to be anything more than it was designed to be and does everything it was designed to do beautifull­y. That is as straightfo­rward as they come.

AVariety of sCooters are aVaiLaBLe in tHe inDian market, but very few of them have gained popularity or appealed to the indian customers. the tVs Jupiter was originally launched in 2013 and since then it has made quite a name for itself. Just 30 months after its launch, over 10 lakh units of this scooter were sold, making it one of the fastest to reach those sales figures in such a short span of time. in 2017, the manufactur­er revealed that the Jupiter had crossed the 20-lakh sales milestone and, one year later, announced that sales were catching up with the most popular scooter in india, Honda activa.

the Bs6-compliant tVs Jupiter sports the same design seen on the Bs4 model. the scooter is immediatel­y distinguis­hable and it stands out because of the large windscreen and chrome mirrors at the front. it also sports a dual-tone seat as well as a cushioned back-rest for the pillion. the model we got for our road test sported a new blue colour scheme, called indiblue, and also had “Classic” decals around it in a definitive font. this paint job is neat and bright, further highlighti­ng the classic element of the scooter. the floorboard area for the rider and the bodywork, which is usually blacked out on most scooters, gets a beige colour that runs through the bodywork and this gives the scooter a more premium look and feel.

the Bs6-compliant 109.7-cc engine is the main upgrade in the scooter which now gets an et-fi (eco thrust fuel injection) system. With the transition to Bs6, the company is now using two new fuel-injection platforms: rt-fi and et-fi. since rt-fi is a performanc­e-spec fuel-injection system, tVs have decided to go with et-fi for the Jupiter and they claim that it now offers a 15 per cent better fuel efficiency than its predecesso­r. the 109.7-cc engine puts out 7.3 hp at 7,000 rpm and a peak torque of 8.4 nm at 5,500 rpm. the engine is now quieter, more refined, and makes for a really enjoyable ride around the city.

When the throttle is opened, you can feel that the accelerati­on is linear and smooth: you can go from a standstill to 20 km/h in 1.64 seconds and it takes 4.84

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