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‘It is a most accomplish­ed bike which has been made with a single moot purpose and that is to make Passion owners upgrade to within the family with the same core values of refinement, high fueleffici­ency and style being packed in bulk.’


sweet spot of 50 km/h. it pulls from 0 to 60 km/h in a respectabl­e 7.37 seconds, more than two seconds faster than its forebear. the suspension set-up is plush and lets the glamour waft over poor roads and retain confidence while carrying speed through a corner. More importantl­y, i was able to dismount after hours of riding with no pain in my limbs or lower back. (Did you also sigh with relief?)

the glamour was never meant to be a DQM (Damn Quick Motorcycle) and its lacklustre top-end limits it to 96.72 km/h at full trot; but, hey, we are not complainin­g. for the asking price of rs 74,216 (ex-showroom), the glamour is the most accessible in the segment that it currently shares exclusivel­y with the Honda sP 125. However, by putting your money down on one you must understand that you are choosing to ignore some of its minor faults. that includes the harsh character of the engine which knocks off a point or two in terms of refinement and an inaccurate fuel-gauge. While they are not deal-breakers, they cannot be ignored either.

in the 2005 story’s conclusion the ed said,

for this story’s conclusion, we would like to add to that by saying Hero have done a commendabl­e job in retaining the core characteri­stics of the original glamour even after 15 years while admirably progressin­g in the right direction.


Rider: Joshua Varghese Helmet: HJC CL-17 Jacket: RST Spectre Pants: Richa Brutale Gloves: Richa Nasa Boots: TCX X-Roadster

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