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Formerly knoWn as the aPrilia sr 150 race, the scooter was first launched in india in 2016. since then it has made quite an appeal to rookie riders looking for a fast, fun, and good-looking ride. this demand stemmed from the fact that it is one of the most powerful and sporty scooters on sale in india. With Bs6 emission norms kicking in, aprilia have upped the engine capacity and made a few more changes as compared to the standard model. starting off with the design, the sr 160 race is identical to the Bs4 model but gets an all-new livery inspired by the manufactur­er’s rs-gP 20 motogP machine. We get the same sharp panels this time in matte black colour and a dual-tone seat to complement that striking motogP livery. this has to be the best looking sr 160 race we have seen yet. Further adding to the visual appeal of the scooter is the use of those chunky, orange 14-inch wheels which also improve the handling by a mile. these larger wheels result in a riding position placing the rider slightly higher up, so shorter riders will have to slide towards the edge of the seat to get their legs down comfortabl­y. the scooter offers adequate comfort levels for a pillion and the leg rests are placed in a compact manner, folding back into the bodywork. something we would have really liked to see aprilia use in the Bs6 model is an led headlight, which would make it stand out even further.

the engine in the previous sr race offered quick accelerati­on and because of this it was considered to be the fastest scooter that could hit speeds of up to 100 km/h. in the

Bs6 model, the engine uses an electronic fuel-injection system and the displaceme­nt has been increased from 154.8 to 160.03 cc. this new unit puts out 11 hp at 7,600 rpm and a peak torque of 11.6 nm at 6,000 rpm, thus marking an increase of 0.4 hp and 0.7 nm peaking at slightly higher rpm. starting up the scooter is when you know that it is going to be a sporty ride around town. the engine has a unique exhaust note which has quite a grunt and this sound gets more engaging as the accelerato­r is twisted open.

compared to the standard sr 160, the engine in the race gets a re-tuned cVt with upgraded roller bearings and slightly tweaked gear ratios. i had the chance to ride both scooters back to back and, honestly, the difference felt is very minimal. to give you accurate figures of how much faster the race is, we shall soon test the standard variant too.

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