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On this epic trip across odisha, we were joined by popular biker and motorcycle racer, kalyani potekar. While my version of the ride is spread across these pages, kalyani’s version is available on her instagram page. here is what she had to say about leg Three. what will you miss most about this trip?

i’ll miss almost everything… the food, the pristine beaches, riding through forests, and the scenic roads, of course. if you could relive one more day from the trip, which one would it be?

if i could relive one more day, it would be the one spent at chilika. i had a lot of fun that day sighting dolphins and having a good time at the beach. are you looking forward to more trips with the hero Xtreme 160r?

certainly. it is an enjoyable motorcycle and after this trip, i am confident about its road-tripping capabiliti­es.

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