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Hero Xpulse 200

- — Anosh Khumbatta

The white 2020 Hero Xpulse 200 recently joined our long-term fleet and has since been my daily ride to and from work. The revised 199.6-cc oil- and air-cooled motor is so much more refined than its predecesso­r and, in an interestin­g twist, this BS6-compliant model actually posted marginally better accelerati­on figures than the outgoing BS4 bike.

While the well-damped suspension at both ends works very well off road, it is a boon over Pune’s countless potholes and speed-breakers — I can now glide over them with the throttle wide open, wasting no time when already late for work. Although mostly relegated to commuter duty, the Xpulse doubles as a fantastic trail companion when exploring the outdoors over the weekends, coming into its own over the rough stuff. The Xpulse is extremely forgiving and is definitely the bike to buy for young riders who wish to up their off-road game.

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