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Aprilia RS 660 and Tuono 660


The Aprilia RS 660 launch has finally seen the light of day in internatio­nal markets. This is an exciting new middleweig­ht built for new-generation riders who want machines that are light and fast. The first concept of the motorcycle was displayed at the EICMA 2018, followed by a production-ready version displayed at the EICMA 2019.

Alongside the Aprilia RS 660 was the Tuono 660 which will also be launched soon. The all-new 660cc, parallel-twin is derived from the 1,100-cc 65-degree V4 that powers the Tuono V4 super naked and the RSV4 superbike. This engine puts out 100 hp at 10,500 rpm and a peak torque of 67 Nm at 8,500 rpm. This same engine will be used in the Tuono 660 but is likely to be tuned to suit the nature of the motorcycle.

The RS 660 features a frame and swing-arm made entirely of aluminium to keep it lightweigh­t. Aprilia have retained the concept bike’s banana-style swing-arm that is crafted to curve just above the exhaust pipe and the brace also doubles up as a lower mount for the rear suspension. The bike has a dry weight of just 169 kilograms, translatin­g into an impressive power-toweight ratio of 591.7 hp/tonne.

Aprilia will bring both the 660s to India sometime this year and we expect a price of Rs 8 lakh upwards, with the Tuono being the less expensive of the two.

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