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Affordable Ather e-Scooter


Ather have managed to cut out a niche for themselves in the electric scooter market with their premium offerings. They got the early bird advantage with barely any major competitio­n. Now, as the e-scooter market evolves and newcomers like Ola Electric and Simple Energy offer cheaper models with even better features, Ather have to respond accordingl­y and quickly. Currently, their 450 Plus is the most affordable offering, priced at Rs 1.13 lakh, which still is out of reach for a large number of potential EV buyers. That’s why the engineers at Ather have been burning the midnight oil to develop a new cost-effective model based on their existing e-scooter platform, but one that will sit below the 450 Plus. The idea is to undercut the Ola S1, which is priced at Rs 99,999, and the Simple One that costs Rs 1.10 lakh. The big challenge for Ather here is that even their top-end 450X is neither as powerful nor can it match the battery capacity of the Ola and the Simple One. The plot thickens.

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