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THE TUONO 660 NOW GETS A FACTORY VARIANT WHICH, AS ALL of us know, means a more track-focused version compared to standard one. The 660-cc twin-cylinder motor has been worked on and now puts out 100 hp and 67 Nm of peak torque. This translates into five hp more compared to the standard variant and Aprilia say that the accelerati­on has also increased because of a shorter 16-tooth final drive, one less than in the Tuono 660.

Compared to the standard version, the Tuono 660 Factory boasts of a better, fully adjustable, 41-mm Kayaba fork at the front. The Sachs rear shock also gets full adjustabil­ity. Aprilia say that they have improved the power-to-weight ratio by making use of a light lithium battery which has helped reduce overall weight by about two kilograms.

Apart from these, the bike features a ride-by-wire throttle and a six-axis IMU that equips the bike with a full suite of electronic­s under the APRC (Aprilia Performanc­e Ride Control) platform.

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