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Husqvarna have pitched the Norden in between the two KTM 890 Adventure models. This means it has more suspension travel — 220 millimetre­s front and 215 mm rear — than the more road-focused 890 Adventure, but less travel than the 890 Adventure R. The R version also features beefier 48-mm WP works and, as you would expect, come equipped with more ground clearance for those serious off-road riders, 263 mm compared to 252 mm.

The Norden is on paper eight kilos heavier than both the KTM 890 and 890R (dry weight, rememberin­g the fuel-tank is one litre less) mainly down to the different styling, skid-plate, rear rack, and the incorporat­ed fog-lights which come as standard.

As for seat height, again it falls in between both the KTM’s 850 mm for the standard, 854 mm for the Norden, and 880 mm for the Adventure R. To put simply, the Norden is closer to the standard KTM 890 than the heavily off-road biased R.

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