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Peppy and Comfortabl­e

- — Joshua Varghese

The Yamaha FZ-X’s stint in our garage may have been short as compared to the rest but it was certainly a busy one. The FZ-X’s styling does not appeal to everyone, which is evident from the mixed reactions it received on Instagram and that was the first thing that was touched upon whenever anyone spoke to me about the motorcycle.

Truth be told, it appeals to very few but all those who rode it unanimousl­y agreed that it was an extremely comfortabl­e motorcycle for rider and pillion alike. A wide, well-cushioned seat and compliant suspension worked together to ensure an impressive ride over the bad sections of road I encounter every day on the way to and from office.

City riding apart, the FZ-X was also quite eager to be taken out on to the open road and its easy handling prompted me to oblige on more than one occasion. Having used it mostly during the rainy season, I was particular­ly thankful for the ABS and grippy tyres. They saved me whenever I had to grab a handful of brake to avoid careless motorists and pedestrian­s.

When making the switch to the FZ-X from a commuter motorcycle, it seemed obvious that some comfort would have to be sacrificed in favour of performanc­e, but having lived with it for over a month, it must be said that nothing was sacrificed. The FZ-X was comfortabl­e, peppy, and easy to live with. Pity it did not stick around with us for long.

 ?? ?? Ridden: 998 km
Like: Seating position, manoeuvrab­ility
Dislike: Styling
Ridden: 998 km Like: Seating position, manoeuvrab­ility Dislike: Styling

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