Aus­tralian bi­ol­o­gists de­velop blood test for melanoma de­tec­tion

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Sci­en­tists at the Edith Cowan Univer­sity (ECU), Aus­tralia, have de­vel­oped a blood test to de­tect melanoma in its early stages. The blood test trial was car­ried out on 105 peo­ple with melanoma and a con­trol group of 104 healthy in­di­vid­u­als. The test de­tected early-stage melanoma in 79 per cent of cases.

Ac­cord­ing to the sci­en­tific team, pa­tients who have their melanoma de­tected in its early stage have a five-year sur­vival rate be­tween 90 and 99 per cent, whereas if it is not caught early and it spreads around the body, the five-year sur­vival rate drops to less than 50 per cent. Melanoma is cur­rently iden­ti­fied through a vis­ual scan of an af­fected skin area and then a biopsy is con­ducted on the area. But these biop­sies are in­va­sive and costly, with pre­vi­ous re­search show­ing that the Aus­tralian health sys­tem spends $201 mil­lion on melanoma each year with an ad­di­tional $73 mil­lion on neg­a­tive biop­sies.

The new blood test de­tects the au­toan­ti­bod­ies pro­duced in the body in re­sponse to the melanoma. This test would serve as a tool to de­tect melanoma in its early stages be­fore it spreads through­out the body.

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