“Di­a­betic kid­ney dis­ease could over­whelm our health sys­tems”

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Di­a­betic kid­ney dis­ease, also known as di­a­betic nephropa­thy is one of the most sig­nif­i­cant com­pli­ca­tions in terms of mor­tal­ity and mor­bid­ity for pa­tients with di­a­betes. Glob­ally, the di­a­betic nephropa­thy mar­ket is wit­ness­ing sig­nif­i­cant growth due to rise in the in­ci­dence of di­a­betes and obe­sity in dif­fer­ent regions of the world. The global di­a­betic nephropa­thy mar­ket is likely to reach $3,145.9 mil­lion by 2020 (Per­sis­tence Mar­ket Re­search). At such rate, mon­i­tor­ing and man­age­ment be­comes cru­cial for di­a­betic pa­tients. Re­cently, Pro­teomics In­ter­na­tional li­censed their di­a­betic kid­ney dis­ease pre­dic­tor test (Pro­mark­erD) in the USA and Mex­ico. Dur­ing his interaction with BioSpec­trum Asia, Dr Richard Lip­scombe, CEO of Pro­teomics In­ter­na­tional, Aus­tralia talks about their star prod­uct, plans to launch in other coun­tries and the fu­ture of di­a­betic kid­ney di­ag­no­sis. Pro­mark­erD is a blood test that mea­sures a panel of three pro­teins found in the cir­cu­la­tion. This pro­tein fin­ger­print is com­bined with clin­i­cal pa­ram­e­ters such as age and choles­terol lev­els and then the Pro­mark­erD al­go­rithm cal­cu­lates a risk score show­ing who is likely to get di­a­betic kid­ney dis­ease in the near fu­ture. In clin­i­cal stud­ies, Pro­mark­erD cor­rectly pre­dicted 86 per ent of oth­er­wise healthy di­a­bet­ics who went on to de­velop chronic kid­ney dis­ease within four years. The test is yet to be eval­u­ated in peo­ple with pre-di­a­betes, how­ever, clin­i­cal stud­ies pub­lished by oth­ers have sug­gested kid­ney dis­ease may be­gin at the pre-di­a­betes stage, hence Pro­mark­erD may be use­ful for this group too. The prob­lem with man­ag­ing kid­ney dis­ease in Aus­tralia is no dif­fer­ent from other parts of the world – with one-third of all adults with di­a­betes hav­ing chronic kid­ney dis­ease. The risk is that health sys­tems will soon be over­whelmed by the num­bers re­quir­ing dial­y­sis or a kid­ney trans­plant.

Dr Richard Lip­scombe,CEO, Pro­teomics In­ter­na­tional, Aus­tralia

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