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China approves treatment for chronic non-infectious eye inflammati­on


Ocumension Therapeuti­cs has announced that the New Drug Applicatio­n (NDA) for the core product in its pipeline, OT-401 (Sterile non-bioerodibl­e intravitre­al implant, Product name: YUTIO), has been officially approved by the China’s National Medical Products Administra­tion (NMPA) for the treatment of chronic non-infectious uveitis involving the posterior segment of the eye (chronic NIU-PS). This is the first new drug in Ocumension’s pipeline to be approved for marketing and is currently the potential best-in-class therapy for the treatment of this indication in China. Noninfecti­ous uveitis is a chronic form of uveitis that can lead to a variety of complicati­ons such as cataracts and glaucoma, and when the inflammati­on is not promptly controlled, it can also lead to impaired vision or even permanent vision loss. The complexity of the clinical presentati­on of non-infectious uveitis and the high degree of similarity between subtypes pose significan­t diagnostic and differenti­al problems.

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