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Japanese 3D-printed prosthetic legs maker Instalimb forays into Indian market


Japan-based world’s first 3D-printed prosthetic legs maker Instalimb raised 445 million yen in Series A funding in Japan (including investment, loans, and grants) to foray into the Indian market and launched its technologi­cally advanced prosthetic wear solutions in Gurugram on July 1. Instalimb promises value propositio­n to the Indian market by revolution­ising prosthetic socket fit and production process that is widely scalable, does not require much space and does not require manpower with specialise­d skill. This game changing startup aims to deliver the highest-quality prosthesis leg with socket and alignment to 48 million people who currently do not have access to a device in the world. Selected as a ‘J-startup’ by the Japanese government as one of the best technology startups in Japan, Instalimb products are inspired by 3D and artificial intelligen­ce (AI) technology that offers the much-needed comfort and desired fit for the end users.

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