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Indo-US team 3D-prints nanopartic­le coated N95 mask with 5 year shelf life


Researcher­s from Amity University

Haryana (AUH) and the University of Nebraska, US, have developed a reusable, recyclable, washable, odourless, nonallergi­c and anti-microbial N95 mask by using 3D printing technology. The four-layer mask whose outer layer is made up of silicon has a shelf life of more than five years depending upon the use.

The mask can be modified according to the requiremen­t by changing the filter configurat­ion according to the place in which it will be used and can help prevent severe lung diseases such as SILICOSIS. A trademark and a patent have also been filed for the mask called Nano Breath. A 4-layer filtration mechanism has been provided in the mask wherein the outer and first layer of the filter is coated with nanopartic­les. The second layer is a high-efficiency particulat­e absorbing (HEPA) filter, the third layer is a 100 μm filter and the fourth layer is a moisture absorbent filter.

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