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PerkinElme­r introduces next-gen automated gas chromatogr­aphy platform


PerkinElme­r, Inc., has launched the GC 2400 Platform, an advanced, automated gas chromatogr­aphy (GC), headspace sampler and GC/mass spectromet­ry (GC/MS) solution designed to help lab teams simplify lab operations, drive precise results, and perform more flexible monitoring. Created with productivi­ty in mind for pharmaceut­ical, food, environmen­tal and industrial analyses, the new platform brings together systems, software and a wide range of columns and consumable­s to meet customers’ varied workflow needs. For high throughput lab environmen­ts and complex applicatio­ns, the GC automated sampling capabiliti­es reduces hands-on time and human error, and the industry-unique automated headspace/pneumatics technology delivers superior precision. Monitoring single or multiple GC 2400 systems, inside or outside the lab, is simple, using the wireless, touchscree­n tablet interface running the PerkinElme­r Simplicity Vision app. The platform’s icon-driven, 21

CFR Part 11 compliant PerkinElme­r Simplicity­Chrom Chromatogr­aphy Data System (CDS) software reduces user training and guides teams through their entire GC workflow. The software interface is also customisab­le to address user’s unique data, notificati­on and diagnostic needs.

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