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Illumina, Merck unveil research test for insights into tumour genome


Illumina has launched a research test, co-developed with Merck that builds upon Illumina’s commitment to broadly enable comprehens­ive genomic profiling and enhance research critical to realising precision medicine in oncology. The test adds an assessment of a new genomic signature to the distribute­d, market-leading TruSight

Oncology 500 assay. It will be available globally, excluding the US and Japan, and will enable researcher­s to unlock deeper insights into the tumour genome by identifyin­g genetic mutations used in the evaluation of homologous recombinat­ion deficiency (HRD). The Research Use Only TruSight Oncology

500 HRD test is a next-generation sequencing (NGS)– based assay that harnesses the power of Illumina NGS technology and validated HRD technology from Myriad Genetics, enabling labs to accurately detect genomic instabilit­y and analyse more than 500 genes simultaneo­usly, including those relevant to HRD status. HRD is a genomic signature used to describe when cells are unable to effectivel­y repair double-stranded DNA breaks. When this occurs, cells rely on alternativ­e, errorprone DNA repair mechanisms, which may lead to genomic instabilit­y and, eventually, tumour formation.

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