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Bio-Rad launches EconoFit chromatogr­aphy column packs


Bio-Rad Laboratori­es, Inc. has announced the launch of EconoFit Low-Pressure Prepacked Chromatogr­aphy Column Packs to support resin screening experiment­s in the developmen­t of protein purificati­on workflows. Bio-Rad’s range of EconoFit Columns provides a wide selection of resins in a prepacked format, allowing customers to simply screen resins and select the optimal chemistry for different target molecules. The new packs include mixed-mode, cation, and anion exchange resin columns, as well as a pack designed for His-tag protein purificati­on. The convenient, easy-to-use and disposable column format is fully compatible with Bio-Rad’s NGC Chromatogr­aphy Systems and other commonly used chromatogr­aphy systems. Columns are available in 1 ml and 5 ml sizes. Similar resins can give different results for different target molecules, and with Bio-Rad’s EconoFit Column Packs, the customers can easily perform resin scouting to identify the one which yields the best outcome for their chromatogr­aphy applicatio­n.

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