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Digital Plant Maturity Model


The Digital Plant Maturity Model (DPMM) categorise­s plants based on their level of digitalisa­tion, automation, and data integratio­n between teams. Pre-digital plants (Level 1) use manual and paper-based processes, while adaptive plants (Level 5) are fully autonomous and self-optimising. According to Our Horizons: Life Sciences report 2021 by CRB Group, slightly more than half of all respondent­s in their survey said their company is at DPMM Level 3. “This aligns with what we see from our own clients over the past three years, most of whom are at either Level 2 or 3. However, large biopharma companies skew toward Level 4 (61 per cent), while significan­tly fewer start-ups and CMOs (contract manufactur­ing organisati­ons) have achieved this level of digitalisa­tion,” the report noted.

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