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“The concept of anti-ageing should, therefore, include youth preservati­on as part of its objective”

- Dr Joe Chang PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice PresidentP­roduct Developmen­t, Nu Skin Enterprise­s

lperating in approximat­ely 50 markets worldwide in the Americas, Asia, burope, Africa and the Pacific, Nu Skin is revolution­ising the industry with products that offer comprehens­ive anti-ageing concerns. By targeting the ultimate sources of ageing, Nu Skin’s ageLOC products dramatical­ly diminish the appearance of ageing. Backed by more than P5 years of scientific research, Nu Skin develops innovative products including Nu Skin personal care, mharmanex nutrition and the ageLOC anti-ageing brand, which includes an award-winning line of beauty device systems. To find out more about the company’s expertise in the area of anti-ageing, BioSpectru­m Asia spoke to Joseph Y. Chang, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice PresidentP­roduct Developmen­t, Nu Skin bnterprise­s. tith over P5 years of experience in the pharmaceut­ical and dietary supplement industries, Dr Chang enjoys a comprehens­ive knowledge of both of these industries and serves as a member of the Executive Committee for Nu Skin bnterprise­s. Edited excerpts;

What are your views on the growth and challenges of the antiageing market in Asian countries?

ith the success of medicine and new technologi­es, people are living longer. ith the rate of ageing in Asian countries accelerati­ng and exceeding the rate of ageing in the western world, the anti-ageing market in Asia will grow to around billion by . And skin care products that address skin ageing form a significan­t percentage of this market. An integrated approach of modern and ancient medicine to beauty and wellness is attractive to consumers. ut the holistic approach of ancient medicine system, for example Ayurveda medicine, does not have enough scientific understand­ing of the ingredient­s that are used in Ayurvedic medicine. ,n order to extract more value, a scientific evaluation could increase its appeal to a wider audience. hilst anti-ageing products have a strong appeal to an older population, younger consumers are more attracted to products that can preserve their youthfulne­ss. This is likely to be a growing trend in the future. The concept of anti-ageing should, therefore, include youth preservati­on as part of its obMective.

How do you foresee the interventi­on of science and technology in anti- ageing in the coming years?

ooking for the sources of ageing and identifyin­g the cause of aging is vital. ,ntervening at an earlier point of aging will lead to a better outcome. 0ore research and understand­ing of the overall expression of the genes, alongside identifyin­g and targeting gene expression patterns, specific genes which influence aspects of ageing, is required. hen it comes to the healthy ageing of our skin, modulating sun exposure plays an important role. Oxygen free radicals generated by the ultraviole­t UV rays cause skin wrinkles because such free radicals can damage the two structural proteins, Collagen and Elastin, which confer elasticity and firmness in healthy skin Skin aging occurs differentl­y between Asians and Caucasians. )or example, an uneven complexion is usually an early sign of aging among Asians whereas Caucasians tend to develop wrinkles earlier instead. ,dentifying certain clusters of genes and addressing gene expression responsibl­e for such changes is something that scientists are still trying to understand. Nu Skin had collaborat­ed with scientists from the University of isconsin in the US to expand the genetic understand­ing of ageing. To live healthily and have good quality of life is something which we live by at Nu Skin.

What role does metabolic health play in the process of healthy ageing? How is Nu Skin exploring this link?

0etabolic health is our body’s biochemist­ry that impacts key indicators like cholestero­l and triglyceri­des, insulin sensitivit­y, blood pressure and blood sugar. ,t comprises a full range of biochemica­l processes that affect every part of our body. Stress, erratic work hours, poor sleeping habits and irregular eating can throw our body chemistry out of sync. Unhealthy lifestyle choices can also affect one’s body by impacting vital organs health, producing free radicals, creating metabolic imbalance, microbiome imbalance and gut health. A seven-year research effort exclusive to Nu Skin found anthocyani­ns to have a salutary effect on metabolic health. These are powerful compounds with potent antioxidan­t effects found in dark purple fruits and vegetables. ,n addition to their antioxidan­t properties, some anthocyani­ns also support healthy inflammato­ry balance and immune benefits. Research revealed that certain anthocyani­ns such as cyanidin and delphinidi­n are the most effective types of anthocyani­ns at protecting cells from inflammato­ry-induced damage. Some of the superfoods that are rich in cyanidin and delphinidi­n are black currants, bilberries, and black rice. The anthocyani­ns from these three superfoods support better overall metabolic health. 0etabolic health is highly dependent on a healthy lifestyle such as doing regular exercises, having a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and stopping smoking. The earlier you adopt a healthy lifestyle, the better it is for you. There are a lot of healthy bacteria aka probiotics in our gastrointe­stinal tract which help to promote a healthy microbiome. There is an increasing understand­ing, for example, that a healthy gut boosts system-wide immunity, which is an important aspect of healthy aging. This is illustrati­ve of the importance of orchestrat­ing a holistic approach to overall body’s health and healthy living in general.

What new products are in the pipeline at Nu Skin for the Asian market? What are the major future plans?

A Nu Skin product related to promoting metabolic health has already been launched in some markets. Nu skin products undergo a rigorous process to ensure a safe and effective product. Part of the product developmen­t pathway at Nu Skin, is a six-step process, called S process, to check the natural ingredient­s which are being used in the products. This process ensures validation of the safety and efficacy of our products. The company is also fully committed to developing products that are suited for each region of the world. Nu Skin has establishe­d a leading position in beauty devices and has launched several devices that employ proprietar­y, clinically proven technology to promote healthy skin. At Nu Skin, we believe an integrated approach, beauty from the inside and beauty from the outside, is optimum for beauty and wellness. Clearly, topical skincare products when used with nutritiona­l supplement­s, are likely to provide better benefits, as shown recently by our research.

Are you planning to expand your presence in Asia with new R&D centres?

Nu Skin has R&D centres in US and China at present. As of now, there are no plans to invest or expand our research footprint further although collaborat­ion with global research institutio­ns is surely something that we will continue to do.

Do you see a talent crunch in the field of science, especially related to anti - ageing expertise? How can we improve the skilled workforce in this domain?

There is a huge demand for anti ageing products. At Nu Skin, there are already more than seventy-five qualified scientists who are focused on anti-ageing research. lobally, there are many scientists who are studying ageing in academic centers. -apan is leading and setting an example by doing extensive research. The demand is so high that even oogle has establishe­d a company to study ageing. So, the interest in antiageing is growing and something that has a bright future.

 ?? ?? Dr Joe Chang with Dr Helen Knaggs and Dr Mark Bartlett at Nu Skin Center for Anti-Aging Research (Provo, Utah)
Dr Joe Chang with Dr Helen Knaggs and Dr Mark Bartlett at Nu Skin Center for Anti-Aging Research (Provo, Utah)
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