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The Qiagen coverage in both print and online versions of BioSpectru­m Asia looks good. Qiagen’s goal is to gradually shift the focus in the direction of preventive testing and treatment to protect individual­s from tuberculos­is (TB) reactivati­on, and therefore prevent the spread of TB to others. Thank you. - Patrick Che, Singapore

BioSpectru­m has been doing a great job in bringing out all important news and analysis with great dexterity. Our congratula­tions for continuous­ly maintainin­g a high standard. - Dr M H Mehta, India

Thank you very much for publishing the piece on Takeda with Eileen Ang- Head of Regulatory Affairs at APAC! Overall, we are very happy with the piece. - Jennifer Lang, Singapore

The article by EPM Scientific titled ‘From Hazy to Crystal Clear Picture of Compensati­on Trends by Kayleigh Regan looks amazing. Thank you BioSpectru­m Asia. - Katrina Chui, Australia

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