Plea for law against milk adul­ter­ation

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Those in­dulging in milk adul­ter­ation have no fear of law. This is be­cause a very few of us ac­tu­ally com­plain about milk adul­ter­ation to po­lice. The sec­ond ma­jor rea­son is that milk adul­ter­ation is taken very lightly in In­dia and there is no strict pro­vi­sion for pun­ish­ment in our pe­nal law to con­tain this grave men­ace. This can end if milk adul­ter­ation is ef­fec­tively checked in our coun­try. Only then can we ex­pect to get some respite. Need­less to say, milk adul­ter­ation can ad­versely af­fect the growth of fu­ture gen­er­a­tions since it is the sta­ple diet of chil­dren and in­fants. There can be no two opin­ions that the adul­ter­ation of milk and food amounts to poi­son­ing peo­ple slowly. The Cen­tral and State Gov­ern­ments must get nec­es­sary law en­acted for the pur­pose. The law can pro­vide life im­pris­on­ment for milk and food adul­ter­ation in In­dia so that it may act as an ef­fec­tive de­ter­rent to po­ten­tial of­fend­ers. Sanjeev Sirohi, Ad­vo­cate, Meerut, UP

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