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Police nab Vidya Balan’s Stalker


(Feb. 24, 2012 A man in his late 20s had been following the actress to her film

sets and even to her Khar flat.)

With an increasing fan base, come the inevitable few stalkers. But little did Vidya Balan know that a stalker would turn her life upside down. After following her to the sets of her films, the stalker found his way to her apartment recently. The actress’ spokespers­on confirmed the story but refused to elaborate saying, “It is a personal matter.” The stalker who is said to be in his late 20s or early 30s had been harassing the actress for a long time. “He used to be there on her sets. He used to be there in her building. Once unknowingl­y, Vidya even nodded to him and said ‘Namaste’,” a friend of Balan told Mumbai Mirror. The visits to her sets and building became more frequent after the release of ‘The Dirty Picture’. “He was obsessed with Vidya,” a resident of Anand Vihar Apartments (where Vidya stays) told us. Things took an ugly turn last week. A friend of Balan revealed, “The stalker managed to go up to Vidya’s flat. Thankfully, Vidya was not at home at that time. Her sister, who delivered twins in November last year, opened the door. When told that Vidya had gone out, the stalker asked if Vidya had gone out with her niece Ira and nephew Ruhaan.” Vidya was taken aback. After returning home, she asked the security guards of her building to keep a watch out for the guy. The stalker returned soon enough. And this time, the security guards alerted the cops. Enquiries at Anand Vihar apartments revealed, “Woh paagal sa tha. Police took him away. And thankfully, he hasn’t been seen after that.” A police official (on request of anonymity) told us that they nabbed the stalker and let him off with a warning.

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