Ms. She­fali Varma, Chair­per­son Mrs. Chanda Rais­ing­hani, Trus­tee and Pres­i­dent The Ardee Schools

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Achild’s fu­ture rests on a ro­bust ed­u­ca­tional foun­da­tion. In the for­ma­tive years, es­pe­cially in be­tween age 2-6, chil­dren grasp max­i­mum in­for­ma­tion from their en­vi­ron­ment, ab­sorb­ing all that they per­ceive. Here lies the im­por­tance of a struc­tured cur­ricu­lum that ef­fec­tively helps in the com­pre­hen­sive de­vel­op­ment of the child’s in­tel­lect, per­son­al­ity, and over­all be­ing. The In­ter­na­tional Montes­sori sys­tem of ed­u­ca­tion fo­cuses on this very as­pect and The Ardee School be­gan their foray into ed­u­ca­tion, over fif­teen years ago with Montes­sori ed­u­ca­tion for the early years, fol­low­ing this prac­ti­cal ap­proach.

The suc­cess of early years’ ed­u­ca­tion be­gan Ardee’s march to se­nior schools and very soon Se­nior K-12 Ardee schools were founded in Gu­ru­gram, Goa and Noida. The suc­cess of early years’ ed­u­ca­tion be­gan Ardee’s march to se­nior schools and very soon Se­nior K-12 Ardee schools were founded in Gu­ru­gram, Goa and Noida. The brain­child of She­fali Varma, Ardee ed­u­ca­tional group, run­ning classes from prenurs­ery to se­nior sec­ondary and se­nior has been shap­ing bright ca­reers of chil­dren since 2003. It is the only school in North In­dia that im­parts Montes­sori ed­u­ca­tion at ele­men­tary level at the gu­ru­gram branch. The Ardee Schools have chal­lenged the run-of-the-mill and mo­not­o­nous class­room tra­di­tional teach­ing meth­ods since their in­cep­tion. “We fol­low In­ter­na­tional cur­ric­ula in all our school. Montes­sori at the early years, Cam­bridge up to IGCSE level [sec­ondary school], and IB and A/o lev­els are of­fered at se­nior sec­ondary. Our multi­na­tional and multi-cul­tural com­mu­nity is our USP. We in­cul­cate in each student, knowl­edge be­yond class­rooms and de­fined val­ues of life,” pro­nounces an en­er­getic Mrs. Chanda Rais­ing­hani, Trus­tee and Pres­i­dent. Mrs. Chanda Rais­ing­hani, a teacher trainer by pro­fes­sion has been mem­ber with the Na­tional Coun­cil of Teacher Train­ing, govern­ment of In­dia. She trained from Lon­don Montes­sori Cen­ter and ele­men­tary train­ing from the North Amer­ica Montes­sori So­ci­ety. She is the Founder Prin­ci­pal and now Pres­i­dent of the The Ardee Schools. “At Ardee, it is my con­stant en­deav­our to rein­vent ed­u­ca­tional meth­ods in line with a fast chang­ing & more com­plex world. One where we place em­pha­sis not just on learn­ing, but learn­ing to learn. Where we shift from data to ex­pe­ri­ences & dis­cov­ery. Re­sult­ing in highly in­no­va­tive chil­dren who flour­ish through cu­rios­ity.” quotes Rais­ing­hani. Leav­ing an im­pres­sion in a ven­ture one em­barks upon, is no easy cup of tea, es­pe­cially in a sce­nario where com­pe­ti­tion is fierce and the fittest sur­vives. Ms. She­fali Varma de­fied all odds to be­come a suc­cess­ful en­trepreneur and ‘edupreneur’ – one of the few In­dian busi­ness women to do so. She joined the fam­ily real es­tate busi­ness at the age of 18 un­der her late father Ashok Varma’s tute­lage. She stud­ied English Lit­er­a­ture and Ar­chi­tec­ture. Later in 2003, she founded The Ardee School, di­rected to­wards cre­at­ing an ed­u­ca­tional en­vi­ron­ment that aims to ad­dress the holis­tic de­vel­op­ment of a child at ev­ery step up to teenage stage and be­yond. All schools func­tion un­der the aegis of The Ardee Foun­da­tion, a char­i­ta­ble unit of The Ardee Group founded by

Late Shri Ashok Varma.


Pre Pri­mary Pri­mary Montes­sori Ele­men­tary Se­nior Sec­ondary Cam­bridge/IGCSE/IB Teach­ers’ train­ing In­sti­tu­tion She­fali is a life mem­ber of FORE School of Man­age­ment which is one of top 10 busi­ness schools of In­dia. She is also the ex­ec­u­tive mem­ber on the board of IIM, Luc­know and a mem­ber of FICCI, CII and CREDAI. Dur­ing a train­ing ses­sion, Ms. She­fali Varma met Mrs. Chanda Rais­ing­hani, an ed­u­ca­tion­ist of great re­pute and an in­ter­na­tion­ally trained Montes­so­rian. Both nur­tured a com­mon dream for the per­fect aca­demic foun­da­tion of chil­dren. It was the year 2003. Rais­ing­hani’s model of the cur­ricu­lum frame­work and Ms. Varma’s ar­chi­tec­tural con­cept of a learn­ing en­vi­ron­ment led the shap­ing of their com­mon dream. Thus the first school of ‘The Ardee Schools’ was set up in 2003 at Su­jan Singh Park, in lu­tyens Delhi. With huge sup­port re­ceived from par­ents and sub­se­quent suc­cess sto­ries of student’s year af­ter year, to­day the ‘Ardee’ brand rep­re­sents five academies – two pre-schools and two se­nior sec­ondary schools in four lo­ca­tions, viz. Delhi, Gu­ru­gram, Goa, and Noida. Af­ter the huge suc­cess of the four schools,and rec­og­niz­ing the niche in the Delhi school sys­tem, Ardee is now opening the fifth Ardee School at New Friends Colony, South Delhi. The se­nior school at New Friends Colony, al­ready has a com­mend­able num­ber of en­roll­ment of stu­dents for its found­ing. “We give more em­pha­sis to­wards per­son­al­ized learn­ing for each student. We have over hun­dreds of teach­ers at our schools, all trained in the In­ter­na­tional method of ed­u­ca­tion. At our in-house teacher train­ing cen­ter, we have trained over a thou­sand teach­ers since 2003 with the pur­pose of not only pro­mot­ing women’s vo­ca­tional train­ing but to shape men­tors who shape the des­tiny of the student “says a dy­namic and en­er­getic leader, Ms. She­fali Varma, Chair­per­son.

The Ardee Schools

Golf links branch: Preschool

• Gu­ru­gram branch: Se­nior school

• Goa branch: Se­nior school

• Noida branch: Preschool

• New Friends Colony

branch: Se­nior school.

The new school at New Friends Colony is set to change the bench­mark in pri­vate ed­u­ca­tion. It is housed in a prize lo­ca­tion in the heart of Delhi on prime real es­tate, a fact which has been un­heard of in this city for a decade. The fee struc­ture is de­signed ac­cord­ing to the nu­mer­ous fa­cil­i­ties. Fees range from Rs. 15000 for up to Stan­dard VIII and 20,000 plus for VIII+. “Each of our stu­dents un­der­goes a rig­or­ous pro­gram to achieve his/her full po­ten­tial. It is not only a blend of ex­cel­lent fac­ulty, ded­i­ca­tion of our staff, sup­port of our pa­trons but also the cal­iber and com­mit­ment of our stu­dents that have led to the suc­cess of our ed­u­ca­tional group,” says a can­did Mrs. Chanda Rais­ing­hani. The teach­ing pat­tern at The Ardee Schools goes far be­yond just books. At the se­nior school and sec­ondary level, the group fol­lows the In­ter­na­tional Cam­bridge/IGCSE cur­ricu­lum which al­lows an­a­lyt­i­cal and crit­i­cal think­ing vs rote learn­ing. The Ardee Schools boast of cer­ti­fied teach­ers, Men­tor train­ers and us­age of novel, unique and di­dac­tic ap­pa­ra­tus. “It is easy to look at pro­gres­sive ed­u­ca­tion that is the norm in top schools to­day and as­sume that this is the best it can be and should be …it is not…and it is time for us to re­de­fine what we call best. That, in it­self, is ed­u­ca­tion” She­fali Varma, Chair­per­son, The Ardee Schools.


In­ter­na­tional stan­dard­ized cur­ricu­lum • Teacher Train­ing Cen­ter • Unique form of learn­ing • Com­mu­nity ser­vice ev­ery month Iden­ti­cal school uni­form for stu­dents, teach­ers, sup­port staff to cut across

class and creed. Be­hind ev­ery suc­cess­ful woman, there is an­other woman! For Ms. She­fali Varma, this is best ex­em­pli­fied by Mrs. Chanda Rais­ing­hani, who has been in­stru­men­tal in turn­ing ‘Ardee’ into a trusted brand name in the field of ed­u­ca­tion. Un­der Chanda’s lead­er­ship, The Ardee School has been ad­judged as the ‘Best Montes­sori School in In­dia’ by Ed­u­ca­tion World for two con­sec­u­tive years. Both She­fali and Chanda be­lieve in giv­ing back to the so­ci­ety. This drive led to the found­ing of the Ardee “Satur­day school- Nir­mal Hem Bal Sik­sha” and the Ardee Crèche at their schools where chil­dren of Manzil [NGO] are guided by trainees from the Ardee Teacher Train­ing Cen­tre men­tors to run a vi­brant en­rich­ment pro­gramme. At the Gu­ru­gram branch, the Ardee crèche stu­dents are part of the schools pro­grammes. The Ardee so­cial ini­tia­tives in­clude a dy­namic “Pol­lu­tion March” spear headed by She­fali Varma at Jan­tar Man­tar in Novem­ber 2016, fol­lowed by a student’/teach­ers protest rep­re­sen­ta­tion to the res­i­dence of the Chief Min­is­ter of Delhi. Ear­lier in 2012, all the Ardee Prin­ci­pals from all branches came to­gether to col­lect aid for the un­for­tu­nate “Nirb­haya in­ci­dent” “We cre­ate lead­ers, not just

ca­pa­ble stu­dents. They are trained to shape ideas of their own to change the land­scape of the fu­ture. This ap­plies both to our stu­dents and teach­ers we train in our train­ing cen­tre,” says the cheer­ful Ms. Rais­ing­hani, who has been work­ing re­lent­lessly in this field for the last 40 years.


• Ranked 6th in In­dia by

Ed­u­ca­tion World in 2013

• Ranked 2nd in In­dia by

Ed­u­ca­tion World in 2014. On the pre- opening of The New K-12 school at New Friends Colony, the 3-D vir­tual tour of the cam­pus drew ac­co­lades of praise from view­ers. The mar­ket­ing is based on par­ents’ feed­back. The school’s growth has been or­ganic, led by the needs of the stu­dents and chang­ing times. “We are open-minded and have evolved with time. Flex­i­bil­ity in think­ing, grit, de­ter­mi­na­tion, pas­sion, and stay­ing in sync with present and fu­tur­is­tic ed­u­ca­tion trends have let us ex­pe­ri­ence a win-win sit­u­a­tion over the years. Our vi­sion is to cre­ate stu­dents and par­ents that are ready for 2030.” says a charis­matic Ms. She­fali Varma.

Hall­marks and Ma­jor Fa­cil­i­ties of The Ardee School, NFC branch

Col­lege Bridge Pro­gramme Ca­reer clus­ters

Vo­ca­tional Men­tor­ship

• Com­mu­nity so­cial


• World study

• Park­our

• lead­er­ship & life

skills co cur­ric­ula.

• Mak­ers Lab

• Art, mu­sic, Theatre as grade sub­jects at se­nior sec­ondary.

• Camps, ex­cur­sions

& field trips.

Ms. Rais­ing­hani leaves a piece of ad­vice for both par­ents and teach­ers on her vi­sion of ed­u­ca­tion

“Ed­u­ca­tion is more than what we in­stil in our chil­dren. It is an in­vest­ment in our so­ci­ety & econ­omy too. A good for­ward looking ed­u­ca­tion can help build an in­tel­li­gent, pur­pose­ful gen­er­a­tion that is con­fi­dent of mak­ing a difference in our world. Par­ents need to guide stu­dents to make the right choice in choos­ing an ed­u­ca­tion which of­fers ap­pli­ca­tion based learn­ing and skills which com­ple­ment a global so­ci­ety. As an ed­u­ca­tion­ist, I be­lieve change can start in the class­room, but in­creas­ingly I am con­vinced of the role of the home en­vi­ron­ment, as par­ents evolve from sup­port­ers to par­tic­i­pants in the ed­u­ca­tion process.”

18 month tod­dlers to 17 year old K-12 Ardeeians

Gate­way en­trance into The Ardee School

Aavya will grad­u­ate from The Ardee School in 2034 - in uni­form, at­tend­ing school in 2017.

Dis­cov­ery Court - Ardee Se­nior School at New Friends Colony - Delhi

The Ardee School, Gu­ru­gram - Grade XI and XII Stu­dents in Lab­o­ra­tory

March for Breath­ing, The Ardee Stu­dents lead a Protest March in the cap­i­tal and are Seen Shar­ing Space with Shri Arvind Ke­jri­wal, Chief Min­is­ter, Delhi

Se­nior sec­ondary stu­dents af­ter a soccer match at The Ardee School, goa

Sky­way Atrium with ever green ver­ti­cal wall houses the dis­cov­ery court, Re­tractable seats open out for theatre per­for­mances

Se­nior sec­ondary class­room for col­lege Bridge Pro­grammes

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